Where to start when renovating bathroom?

We suggest you start with ideas about what you like in a bathroom. Talk to your freinds and read teh internet for ideas. Oftern there are different ideas dependignon if you renot or are building new, if it is big or small, residential or commercial. Try to keep it simple for a smother  process.

Most of our clients agree that having a good plan and goal helps all the parties involved. Our job is to advice and explain to you abotu the process and the cost involved through the project.


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Our Designers will sit down with you to understand what you are looking for in a bathroom. 

Our goal is to have a complete understanding at the beggining so that we do not have any surprises along the way. The choice of hardware is also important to know at the beginiing since some the hardware often require different tuype of preparaion. Please brign any ideas to the tabel and we will work with you to build your dream bathroom.

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